The UK Reiki Federation has a Management Committee and an Administrative team, supported by a number of Working Teams.

Management Committee:

The activities of the UK Reiki Federation are overseen by the Management Committee. Committee members are elected for a three year term by the membership at the Annual Review which is held in the spring. All positions are voluntary.  Current Management Committee Members:

Annie Harrington (Chair)

I have been a Master Teacher member of the UK Reiki Federation for twelve years. Previously, I have served as a Management Committee Member, Vice Chair and Treasurer.  Due to the sudden death of my mother in 2014 I retired from the Management Committee while I adjusted to my loss.

I am now in a position where I am ready to return to the Management Committee as Chair. I feel that I have the experience, knowledge and understanding to do this. My other main role in life is as a Senior Assessor for one of the biggest examination boards in the world.

Anne-Marie Carratu (Vice Chair)


I am a Reiki Master Teacher who feels absolutely passionate about Reiki, both as a practitioner and as a teacher. My own Reiki training has been very extensive and I feel honored to be part of the worldwide Reiki community. In addition to the original Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher qualifications, I am also a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher.  My own personal growth and development have accelerated beyond my wildest dreams since my first Reiki treatment and even more so since my own Reiki Master attunements. As a result, I feel constantly inspired to demonstrate to other people just how wonderful learning and experiencing Reiki is.

I really enjoy being the UKRF Distance Healing and Distance Reiki Shares Coordinator as I get to be involved in two groups of like-minded, giving people.  Everyone is a volunteer and makes time each week to send healing to other people, events and places in the world.   This collective positive and powerful intention is amazing and would be ever more enhanced if other UKRF members joined the group.  All you would need to do each week is to put your hands on the list and send Reiki to everyone on it   It’s so quick and easy!!

 Wendy Liles (Treasurer)

I have enjoyed taking an active part on the UK Reiki Federation Management Committee for a number of years, Complaints & Disciplinary, Merchandising and Reiki Council representative being just a portion of my own input. Outside the UK Reiki Federation, I am proud to be a Reiki Profession Specific Board member on the CNHC. It is my passion that Reiki is seen as credible, and that practitioners, students and clients have ample support.

Having recently retired from my own profession, I am fortunate to have the time to devote to the UK Reiki Federation. I continue to practise and teach Reiki, while having great support from my family.

Sue Malcolm

Sue Malcolm





Reiki Practitioner (III ART).  In 2012 an unexpected introduction to the wonders of reiki compelled me to commence my training and I was hooked!. With 2 ¾ years UKRF membership I now offer reiki at a medical centre, in my own treatment room and to animals in their familiar surroundings.  Eager to see heightened public awareness and greater veterinary and NHS support for reiki, as a committee member I support and drive initiatives aiming to increase its understanding, recognition and use to benefit more people and animals, whilst emphasising the UKRF’s professionalism.

Silvana Evans (Secretary)




Day to day running of the UK Reiki Federation is the function of the Administration Office based in Ludgershall near Andover.  The office is open to callers from Monday - Friday 10 am - 3 pm. A 24-hour answerphone service is available.

Service Provider: Louise Akehurst

Working Teams:

There are a number of working teams run by dedicated and hard working volunteers, which help to provide a service to membership. Team Co-ordinators can be contacted via the "Contacts" section

Archivist                                    Karen Twigg

Complaints & Disciplinary             Wendy Liles

Distance Healing & Shares            Anne-Marie Carratu

Education                                    Annie Harrington

Events                                        Rachanaa Jain

Magazines & Newsletters              Linda Cowan

Media                                        Charlotte Childs

Merchandising                             Wendy Liles

NCN (Area Representatives)         Jane Wingfield

Pioneers                                      Sue Malcolm

Regulation                                   Wendy Liles

Research                                     Ken Hill       


Governance Documents:

Our Constitution

Annual Reports (members only)