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Processing your application could take up to 28 working days (though accurate and complete applications with all the correct documentation are often completed faster, while incomplete applications take longer!) If you require Lineage Tracing or Checking Your Training, these will need to be completed first. Your membership will run for 12 months from completion of processing (or the anniversary of your joining, if you are renewing).

We are still working on our online system - for the time being, please download the appropriate form, print and complete it and send it to us together with payment and all the appropriate supporting documents for your application/renewal.

Forms are provided as PDFs - you may need to download PDF reader software. Should you have any difficulties downloading or printing these forms, please contact UK Reiki Federation Membership, indicating clearly which form you require.

 Download Membership Form - New (PDF, 617kb, refreshed Jan 2018)

This is the form to use for new applications. Please ensure that you enclose payment and all of the appropriate supporting documents for your chosen category of membership.

Note: All the basic information you need is included in this download but, if you have not already done so, you may first wish to read our How to Join pages, which describe the process step by step, with helpful links to key documents, details of practitioner insurance etc.



 Download Membership Form - Rejoin (PDF, 223kb, updated Jan 2018)

If your membership has lapsed, please complete THIS Membership Application Form. (You can only use the short renewal forms if your membership is still current!)


Lineages and the system of Reiki

For those wishing to learn the system of Reiki it is necessary to understand why there is an emphasis placed on lineages.