Categories for Friends, Associates and Students

The UK Reiki Federation offers a range of membership categories to meet the needs of both those using Reiki for themselves, and for Reiki professionals, including opportunity for individuals who are not members to become "friends" of the UK Reiki Federation. This page gives information for non-practitioners.


Friends of Reiki
(F) £25 pa (EU £35, WW £40)

This category of "friend"  is offered for those who have an interest in Reiki but may not be practising. Also suitable for those who have retired but wish to keep in touch.

  • Complete Friends & Membership Application form
  • No requirement to be Reiki trained
  • No voting rights
  • Receive newsletters and magazines

Student (AS) £35 pa (EU £45, WW £50)

This category is suitable for those who are currently undergoing their Reiki training but have not yet received certification. Student Membership is offered for one year. Once certification is received then the Student may upgrade to Associate. Students may apply for Student insurance cover via the UK Reiki Federation Block Insurance Scheme.

  • Complete Membership Application Form
  • Letter from Teacher required to confirm currently undertaking Reiki training
  • Sign Code of Ethics   [new window/tab]
  • Character reference required
  • No voting rights
  • May apply for Student Insurance Scheme   [new window/tab]
  • Receive newsletters and magazines
  • Membership Valid one year, transfer to Associate on qualification
  • May attend events organised by the UK Reiki Federation

To 'upgrade' from Friend to Student, please click JOIN and complete a full Membership Form.

Associate (A) £35 pa (EU £45, WW £50)

Primarily for those newly trained who have not yet had a minimum of 9 months of Reiki practice.

To 'upgrade' from Friend to Associate, please click JOIN and complete a full Membership Form.

To 'upgrade' from Student to Associate, please send us a copy of your Reiki I certificate, quoting your membership number.


EU = Europe; WW = Worldwide