The UK Reiki Federation is a not-for-profit professional Reiki organisation, which promotes best practice within the field of Reiki, offering support to Reiki professionals, and to the Public.

We offer a range of services to both the public and to Reiki professionals:

For Reiki Professionals

We encompass all styles of Usui Reiki within the Federation and encourage respect for the differences in belief and opinion that abound within the Reiki community.

Member Services

We provide advice and information about Reiki to our Members via a network of supporting teams, all run by members on a voluntary basis. These include area representatives, distance healing, education, media, pioneers, publications, regulation and research, in addition to support from our Admin Office and Management Committee.

Our Annual Review & Festival is an ideal opportunity for Members to meet up and expand their networking opportunities. Our annual "Reiki Awareness Week" gives members the opportunity to raise awareness of Reiki in their area, while similar events are held nationally; the UK Reiki Federation supports and helps to promote events held, listing details on the website.

We have a Research Team who resource references for articles and research within the field of Reiki and who welcome input from members, and our Pioneer’s Network links together practitioner members who are officially practising or teaching Reiki in the statutory sector or in areas where Reiki has not usually been accepted practice - see: Reiki Research & Pioneers (incl clinical advice).

For more see Membership Benefits.


Public Services

Advice and information about Reiki, Free 24 hour on-line referral list at, details on Practitioners and Teachers, guidelines on training.


Two particularly important and interconnected areas are expanded elsewhere in this website: