We have a team who resource references for articles and research within the field of Reiki and who welcome input from members. Our Pioneer’s Network links together practitioner members who are officially practising or teaching Reiki in the statutory sector or in areas where Reiki has not usually been accepted practice. This also informs our provision of clinical advice where appropriate.


The UK Reiki Federation has a history of encouraging the pioneering use of Reiki. Many of our members have a great deal of experience in "breaking new ground" - hence the term "Reiki Pioneers". The Pioneers of the UK Reiki Federation are members of the UK Reiki Federation, who are working as a Reiki Practitioner, either voluntarily or professionally, within a professional healthcare setting or with specific clients.

The team is co-ordinated by Sue Malcolm who may be contacted via the pioneers web contact form.

Members please see the Reiki Pioneers page (members only) for more, and see also Working with Medical Professionals (members ony)


The UK Reiki Federation is currently collating some information about articles and references for research. Any members who have any references which they think will be of interest should forward them (or request an email address to which to send them) via the research web form to Ken Hill who heads the Research.

Members will also find articles and reference lists on particular research topics under:
Practitioner Resources - Research (members only)