We are inclusive, in relation to differing styles of Reiki, focused, in the support of our members, pride ourselves on clear lines of accountability and are committed to the promotion of a professional Reiki organisation to the public at large. The UK Reiki Federation offers different categories of membership, in order to acknowledge the various levels of training and professionalism within our membership, and the adoption of Voluntary Self Regulation.

* Current Members *

Renew/Upgrade your Membership:

You will be asked to review the requirements for your membership category, confirm or correct details of your membership, and to send in appropriate documents, e.g. details of insurance and CPD.

Renew/Upgrade your membership


  • You can only use the short renewal forms if your membership is still current! If your membership has lapsed, please use the Membership Application Form - Rejoin.

(For Member Support see:
Membership Benefits & Support)

* New Members *

How to Join the UK Reiki Federation:

Membership of the UK Reiki Federation gives you and your potential clients and colleagues confidence in the minimum levels of training and professional development that we require of members. What follows is designed to guide you to through gathering and providing the minimum information we need to verify this.

You will have an opportunity to read or download the necessary documents/pages as you go. In summary you will:

  1. Choose the appropriate Membership Category

Then, for most membership categories:

  1. Check that your Lineage meets UKRF minimum agreed standards of practice
  2. Read/download our Code of Ethics & Standards of Professional Practice
  3. Download and complete the Membership Application Form, for submission along with your Reiki certificates and lineage, your character reference, membership fee, and a copy of your current public liability insurance (or apply to join our group policy, one of the benefits of UKRF membership!)

Documents you will need to send us:

As appropriate to your chosen category of membership...

  1. Completed membership form
  2. Your Reiki Certificates
  3. A copy of your Lineage
  4. A copy of your Insurance certificate (or confirmation of application, should you)
  5. A Character Reference (from a non-family-member)
  6. Payment of the appropriate Membership Fee
  7. CPD evidence for renewing or rejoining practitioner members.

How long does it take? 

Processing your application will take us up to 28 working days (though accurate and complete applications with all the correct documentation are often completed faster, while incomplete application take longer!) If you require Lineage Tracing or Checking Your Training, these will need to be completed first.

Your membership will run for 12 months from processing. 

Getting started...

Please choose your intended overall Membership Type:

Practitioner Categories

(Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Master Teacher)

Non-Practitioner Categories

(Student, Associate, Friend)