CNHC News                                                  May 2016

• CNHC Board updates policy on publication of panel decisions

At its April meeting the CNHC Board agreed to change its policy on publicising panel decisions, to achieve the best balance between the interests of the public and registrants. To date CNHC’s policy has been to publish all outcomes of public hearings on its website for an indefinite period.

The new policy is that if there is any finding of impairment at a public hearing (in other words the registrant is found to be not fit to practise) CNHC will publish details of any sanctions imposed on the registrant. If the sanction is to remove the practitioner from the register, this will remain on the website indefinitely. If the sanction is temporary, the finding will remain on the website for the period of the sanction.

In those cases where there is no finding of impairment and no sanctions are imposed, these will only be published at the request of the registrant concerned, for a maximum period of three months.

• Updates to CNHC Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance

We have updated a number of items in CNHC’s Code of Conduct, Ethics and Performance. All registrants were notified of the changes at the end of April. The changes are:
• Page 4: amended the telephone number in the Introduction to: 020 3668 0406.
• Page 9: amended the link to ICO from to this one:
• Page 28: amended the link to Cooperating to safeguard children, 2003, DHSPSS – Northern Ireland: from to this one:

You can see CNHC’s Code on our website under ‘Publications / Code of Conduct for Registrants’

• CPD Random Sampling 2016

A reminder that CNHC’s third random sampling of insurance certificates and CPD logs will take place in May 2016. This involves CNHC asking a random sample of 5% of CNHC registrants to send us copies of their insurance certificate and CPD log for the last full year of registration. This year’s sampling will begin on 16th May 2016 and the deadline to return documents will be Monday 13th June 2016.

If you are selected in May you will be contacted direct and asked to send your completed CPD log and insurance certificate for your last full year of CNHC registration. Please do not send these documents to us unless you receive that request.

The full details of the policy and process for the sampling are set out here. Policy in respect of requirement to provide copies of insurance certificate and CPD log. Further details about CNHC’s CPD policy can be seen here: CNHC CPD Policy

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