New CNHC leaflets

We have updated our public information leaflets. The new leaflets include the government recommendation that when people are looking for health practitioners who are not regulated by law, they only seek practitioners on accredited registers.

You can download the new leaflet here: 
CNHC public information leaflet

CNHC registrants can also download a version to which you can add your own details. Just login to MyCNHC and click on ‘Resources’. You can then download the leaflet, add your registration and contact details, and get your bespoke CNHC leaflets printed up locally.

For details of all CNHC resources available and how to login visit: 
Information about MyCNHC

Advertising Update

On Monday 23 May an adjudication debate about the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) was held in the House of Commons, initiated by John Glen MP. In this debate Mr Glen and a number of other MPs challenged the ASA’s approach in certain cases, including the degree of transparency demonstrated by the ASA’s in its decision-making processes. 

Mr Edward Vaizey, The Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy responded and in relation to transparency commented:

“My hon. Friend asked whether the ASA could be required to publish when it has drawn on legal advice and the details of that advice. It is true that the ASA engages external expert advice on a case-by-case basis when claims are capable of objective substantiation. It assesses its need to bring in external advice, but it also has an amount of in-house expertise. It should be the case that the ASA’s published rulings make it clear when it has received external advice and that it publishes the details of that advice, and it should be clear from its assessment what influence the advice has had on the ruling. Advertisers subject to rulings should also be told who the expert is and what their credentials are, and they should receive a copy of the expert’s report.”

The full debate can be seen here: Hansard - Adjournment Debate - ASA 23 May 2016.

CNHC is continuing to work with the Professional Standards Authority to challenge the ASA’s approach to evidence and to ensure proper recognition of practitioners on accredited registers. We will provide any updates on progress in due course.


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