Important news of a vacancy for a healer funded by our charity in Hertfordshire.

Our hugely successful project in Hertfordshire is expanding its reach and there is now a vacancy for a paid healer to join the team there. The vacancy will close in a short period of time so your window of opportunity needs to be acted on now!

The link for you to apply online and see further details of the post is

If you would like an informal chat then please contact Shuna Watkinson, energy therapist at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Good luck!

 Brand new project in Bristol 


We are delighted to be funding a healer to work at The Bristol Haematology and Oncology Unit.  Claudia has written the following words to describe her feelings about this exciting new project.

“I am really delighted to be back on the wards again working with patients and their families at The Bristol haematology and oncology unit. I was lucky enough to be part of Angie and Graham's original team 10 years ago at UCLH so have seen first-hand what Reiki/healing as a complementary therapy in such a high pressure environment can do to help support people during the most challenging of times. It is very exciting to me when modern medicine and complementary therapy work side by side in this way to improve patients care. This quote pretty much sums it up ’My Reiki sessions in hospital let me rest in the eye of the storm for a moment and catch my breath, they supported me, built me up and helped me feel strong enough to face my next round of treatment, they were truly invaluable' Well done Bristol for offering this to its patients and of course well done Angie & Graham for making it all possible! I can't wait to get started.

Claudia x”

And at last.....


At last I have a publication date for my new book ,’The NHS Healer-Onwards and Upwards’. The date is the 26th October 2017 and I will post further details as soon as I have them.

Author blurb  from Pegasus and an endorcement from Dr William Bloom to wet your appetite!

‘The author was one of the first healers to be paid by the NHS. She was employed by University College London Hospital for over a decade. She can be credited for making Reiki and Spiritual Healing more widely accepted within the NHS, integrating it into conventional cancer treatments.
 Through her charity the Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust, she and her husband run courses to prepare practitioners of Reiki and Spiritual Healing for potential employment within the NHS and in hospices, as well as providing funds for the hospitals and hospices to be able to employ these complementary therapists. Many medical professionals are now, after seeing the positive impact it has on their patients, convinced of the importance of complementary therapies in the NHS.
 This book is about the authors’ struggle to make complementary therapies such as Reiki and Spiritual Healing accepted within a conventional hospital setting and the progress made since the birth of her charity which has provided countless Reiki and Spiritual Healing Practitioners work in the NHS and hospices, to make conventional Western medical treatment a more holistic experience’.

Dr William Bloom

"Firmly grounded in practical realities Angie Buxton-King provides us with an inspiring view of how healing can be integrated into hospitals and hospices. This is required reading for all healers, clinicians and hospital administrators who want to integrate valuable complementary therapies into mainstream practice. It is also an enjoyable read as it describes Angie’s own journey with this work. Recommended.”

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With Love and Light,

Angie & Graham xx