Approved Courses

The UK Reiki Federation is happy to highlight courses offered by their teacher members, which, in their opinion, are appropriate for training purposes. The directory includes courses which are suitable for professional practitioner training, recorded as "Practitioner" and those which are suitable for CPD (Continuing & Professional Development), recorded as "CPD":

  • "Practitioner" courses have been checked against the National Occupational Standards for Reiki to ensure that all topics are included.
  • "CPD" courses (members only) are those which we feel would be beneficial to Reiki practitioners.

Please also note that this list is not exhaustive and that our Teacher members all over the country also offer training courses and you may contact any of those teachers via our online Practitioner and Teacher List in order to obtain further information.

Teacher members: How to have your course verified and included in the Directory.


  • Practitioner Courses

    UK Reiki Federation approved Practitioner Courses. Click on course title for more details and contact form. Click on any column heading to change sort order.