Education and Training

Quality • Professionalism • Best Practice

Since 1999, The UK Reiki Federation has worked extensively on promoting Reiki and best practice for practitioners, with UK Reiki Federation representatives having been continuously involved with the various groups which have been working on revised standards for training of professional practitioners, over many years. One of the aims in promoting good practice is to improve the acceptance of Reiki as a viable tool to be used within the NHS, and via its CPD courses the UK Reiki Federation is able to offer guidance to its members.

National Occupational Standards (NOS) are statements of competence and are written to measure outcomes. National Occupational Standards describe good practice. Essentially, standards describe what happens in the workplace -- not what people are like.

Professionals in most industries are required to take part in continuing professional development (CPD) and we as Reiki practitioners should be no exception to this.

The UK Reiki Federation's directory of practitioners and teachers provides individuals with a range of options for receiving Reiki, and for training. 

Frequently asked questions about Education & Training, including NOS, Accreditation & Complaints, and CPD.