There are many other professional associations world-wide set up either exclusively for Reiki practitioners or which include Reiki practitioners among their members. Here are those with whom the UK Reiki Federation currently has a link:

Australian Reiki Connection logoAustralian Reiki Connection Inc

A nationally incorporated not for profit Reiki association, run by members for members, since 1997. ARC is an association of people who are dedicated to working with and promoting the 'Spirit of Reiki', through teaching, healing, fellowship and research, both within the Reiki Community and the Wider Community.

ProReiki logoProReiki, Germany

At time of posting, website currently in German only, but English pages are planned in the near future.

RFL logoReiki Federation Ireland

Reiki Federation Ireland (RFI) is dedicated to creating a strong Reiki community in Ireland. Our aim is to promote high standards of Reiki training and practice. We embrace all lineages of Reiki. RFI aims to foster and nurture the understanding and the practice of Reiki as a healing art.

APR logoPortuguese Association of Reiki - Kurama

Website currently in Portuguese only - click to download short English document "About The Portuguese Association of Reiki" [PDF]

 International Institute for Complementary Therapies

A multi-therapy organisation operating mainly  in Australia and New Zealand. They encourage cross referrals between organisations and are able to offer membership for multiple therapies.