In order for Regulation to be effective and representative of the discipline being regulated, there were many stakeholders and advisers who were consulted during the regulatory process, and who will continue to be involved.


The Parliamentary Group for Integrated & Complementary Healthcare was initially set up to stimulate debate and inform policy over the whole field of alternative and complementary medicine.

Meetings are held in the House of Commons periodically during the year, and representatives of the Federation are able to attend.

Skills for Health

Skills for Health is the Sector Skills Council for health. They influence skills, education and health policy to ensure that it reflects employers' needs and helps develop a world class healthcare workforce able to meet changing needs and expectations. They are fundamental in the development process of National Occupational Standards and co-ordinate all stakeholders and organisations in their production.


The Reiki Council (formerly the RRWG)


A UK Reiki Federation-led initiative, the Reiki Regulatory Working Group (RRWG) was set up by representatives of the UK Reiki Federation in 2002, who invited other Reiki organisations to join the UK Reiki Federation in their work towards Voluntary Self Regulation. The RRWG provided a forum for the exchange of views, concerns, standards and best practice from Professional Associations, with the intention of “speaking with one voice” in working towards the regulation of Reiki and creation of the single UK Register of Professional Reiki Practitioners.

Reiki Council

In July 2008 the Reiki Regulatory Working Group (RRWG) announced that it had completed its work towards regulation and would now take on the role of Advisory Body for Reiki, representing Reiki Professional Associations.   It was agreed that the Reiki Regulatory Working Group would be renamed the Reiki Council with effect from 15 July 2008, to reflect its new role.


UK Reiki Federation and other Professional Associations

Practitioner and Teacher members of the professional associations, such as the UK Reiki Federation, are able to contribute to and comment on the regulatory process, via the Regulatory Bodies, and may also liaise directly with other organisations.

As part of the UK Reiki Federation's ongoing objective of promoting best practice and professional conduct, it has been involved with, and made a major contribution towards, the regulation of Reiki as a profession and the development of minimum standards of training.

The UK Reiki Federation is a verifying organisation for the CNHC, and representatives attend regular Professional Association meetings run by the CNHC.


UKRF Contact

Wendy Liles
UKRF Representative on the Reiki Council - for all input/comments from UKRF members and general enquiries regarding Regulation.

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