Frequently asked questions about the regulation of Reiki in the UK, particularly the process of Voluntary Self-Regulation (VSR), and the various organisations implementing it.

What is the role of the regulatory body?

The role of the regulatory body is primarily to protect the public in that it gives the public and employers quality assurance that the practitioner's qualifications and/or experience is such that it meets the minimum standard required for professional practice. It also gives the same quality assurance to doctors and all other health care professionals who may use a national register. Registrants will have to be insured and sign up to a CPD Policy (continuing professional development), disciplinary procedures and code of professional conduct and ethics.

Do I have to register?

No this is voluntary self regulation, it is not compulsory.

Do I have to be a member of a professional association in order to register?

No you do not.

I wish to register with the CNHC but need my qualifications checked, how can I do this?

The UK Reiki Federation is an approved Verifying organisation for the CNHC for Reiki. We are able to offer verification of your training and experience for the purposes of regulation, or we are able to offer a full review of your training, with assessor support and guidance, for your own requirements. Application forms for CNHC registration are available on this website, for both UK Reiki Federation members and non-members.

Why are there two regulatory bodies ie CNHC and GRCCT?

Both regulatory bodies are acknowledged regulators and you can choose which one you wish to register with, if any.

I have done one of the approved courses listed on the UK Reiki Federation Directory of Approved Courses, does this make me eligible to apply for registration with the CHNC or the GRCCT?

There should be no problem with either of those. You can download the CHNC form from this site and send to us and if you have completed one of our approved courses we can verify that you are eligible to be considered as a registrant. There is no fee to our members, however, there is a fee for non-members.


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